410052 Serpent S100 LTR Pancar

410052 Serpent S100 LTR Pancar
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  • 101651 Xceed 30 shore front Pro light IT tyre
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  • 410052 Serpent S100 LTR Pancar
  • Serpent S100 LTR 

  • 1/10 scale pan car WGT

  • The Serpent S100 LTR is the next evolution of the S100 platform which is developed together with the input from our  Serpent pancar team-drivers. 

  • Main developments for the S100- LTR version
    -   Wider carbon chassis, versatile for different layouts
    -   steeringblocks with inserts
    -   unique friction free central pivot system 
    -   Serpent light and long  RCCX pancar shock
    -   pivotlink steering system 
    -   servo position ( more layouts possible)
    -   redesigned rear podplate and lighter alu rear brackets 
    -   lower center of gravity

  • Rear motor pod, chassis
    The strong basis is formed  by the 2.5mm thick carbon fibre chassis plate with supports enabling a forward or backward battery position,  and enough space for all the valuable electronics.  

  • The newly designed motorpod   is a beautifull combination of high quality machined alu brackets and top quality carbon fibre parts, bolted together to create an ultra stiff rear pod.  The  motor-bracket allows the brushless motor to be mounted in the optimal position for car balance and offers good heat dissipation as well .


  • Needed to complete the car   
    -   radio and receiver   
    -   electric motor
    -   speedcontroller
    -   Lipo battery packs
    -   wheels and tyres    
    -   paint
    -   Body and Wing